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SociaLIGHT Conference 2013


Eventmobi The only person you should be competing with today is the person you were yesterday. Dentons Canada startup program Work Suitcase entrepreneur 1. Have a clear vision of what your perfect day looks like The best way to predict the future is to create it. 2. Set up systems to free up your […]

FITC 2013 – Day 3


The science of effective software design Demo regularly feature sets Just enough software Don’t make all your decisions upfront Observe the actions if your users through logs and activities Build > measure > learn cycle People are horrible at describing what they need We don’t need to get it right the first time… Is easy […]

FITC 2013 – Day 2


Node.js, building an app in 100% JavaScript Npm is package management for node.js Asynchronous ExpressJS Web app framework for node.js simple way of handling routes Built in view templates (jade) Create package.json file to create dependencies Npm install Mongoose.js for database interaction simple object modeling Hooks into MongoDB easily Npm install mongoose KendoUI Mobile […]

FITC 2013 – Day 1


The stuff people forget to tell you Optimize load time Minification Friends don’t let friends degrade gracefully Build for the baseline Architech UX lessons from the USSR: the trouble with manifestos Eric von Stackelberg Myplanet digital Agile Adaptive Story mapping Storyboarding elements over mockups Client input windows The lean user-centred agile waterfall bricoleur product master […]