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FITC: Day 3 – Random Notes

Beyond the Bar Graph – Wesley Grubbs –
Protovis, processing
Wordlink API
Js library for processing

Don’t Feed the Board Monkeys – Matt Walsh –
CP+B UX 13.
1. Passion
2. Mental Quickness
3. Creative Vision
4. Strategic Acumen
5. The Fundamentals
6. Attention to Detail
7. Zoom Control
8. Comfort in Numbers
9. Translation Skills
10. Awareness + Inspiration
11. Platform Jumping
12. Lessons Learned
13. People Skills

From Design to Development for Devices – Stacey Mulachy –,,
Touch enabled, touch optimized
Touch sizes. mm better than pixels. Pixels are relative
Touch areas.
Understanding comics. Scott McCloud
Previous familiarity is leveraged
Gorilla arm
App, account for orientation


The Cool Shit Hour –,,,,
Coconoe Inc.
Doodle wars: Air and OpenCV
Webcam with PL Filter to find rectangular item on the display
Digital camera w PL filter to get high resolution of card
Native processes of adobe air 2.0 can communicate with other applications
Molehill / flash player 11
IS Saqoosha Parade

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