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Installing AIR 2.7 SDK

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Compile with AIR 2.7 SDK in Flash CS5.5

Add items into Player dropdown

  1. Download AIR 2.7 SDK
  2. Unzip, etc. Rename to AIR2.6
  3. Go to Flash Pro install folder
  4. Rename the current AIR2.6 to AIR2.6_old
  5. Copy/Move to Flash Pro install folder (alongside the old AIR2.6)
  6. Go to /Common/Configuration/Players/
  7. Change <player version=”11″ to “12”
  8. Change <player id as applicable
  9. Repeat steps 7-8 for AiriPhone.xml and Android.xml, change <name as applicable

AIR 2.7 framework file

  1. Go to /AIR2.7/frameworks/libs/air/
  2. Copy airglobal.swc
  3. Go to /Common/Configuration/Actionscript 3.0
  4. Rename AIR2.6 to AIR2.6_old
  5. Make a new folder, AIR2.6
  6. Paste the airglobal.swc into this folder

Compile XML (for some reason it does not connect with the SDK folder, defaults to AIR2.6 folder)

  1. Go to /AIR2.6/samples/
  2. Open descriptor-sample.xml
  3. Change 2.6 to 2.7 in xmlns


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