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FITC 2012 – Day 1 notes

Open Frameworks 101
– Ben McChesney
Helios interactive
openCL on GPU
Embed webview into ofx

Design Renegade
– James White
Go out into the woods.

Adobe Keynote
– adobe ppl, Ryan Stuart
Dw – Responsive design with phonegap
Eg – animating web natively
Creative cloud – master collection
PSD, show/hide layers online
Adobe proto on iPad for quick wire framing
– Christian Cantrell
Adobe shadow, sd
Remote device editing via browser
Beta 2 on
– Grant Skinner
Air 3.2
Generate sprite sheet
– Mark Anders
Adobe edge
– Lee Brimelow & thibault
Flash gaming and premium video
Air 3.3, stage3d on mobile
Action script workers
Monocle, memory cost overview

Responsive Web Design
– Frederic Harper
Width-based viewport CSS sheets
Media queries
Pixels are not always pixels
Pixels to EM
Filament group, 3 versions of media – cookies and JavaScript

UX doesn’t exist
– Kurt Krumme

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