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FITC 2012 – Day 2 notes

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So I Heard you Like DIVs
– Matthew Potter
30 new tags
<section> area of a page for content
<header> defines what that page is
<article> relevant block of content that could be used alone. Can be removed from site and still make sense
<aside> not required but related content
<nav> for seo, defining links to move around site
Semantics for seo
Parent of an article should be a section. But sections can contain articles.
Different input tags, * for validation, not supported on all browsers. Not at all on ie.
Html5 shiv – get this for cross-browser optimization
box-sizing: border-box, sizing with padding. Add moz/webkit
H1-6 define level of importance within its container.
Fangs plugin on firefox to emulate accessibility readers. – pure CSS drop down menuGetting Your Feet Wet: The Dive into Processing
– Randall Church
Open source
Self contained IDE
OpenGL 3D, PDF
Not meant for full app development, open frameworks or cinder instead.
PImage, loadImage

The Rapid Prototyping, Creative Incubating, Lean Startup
– Hoss Gifford
Increased revenue from products
Clients will pay you to develop your own ip
Extend your reach into new markets
Not finished products. Prototyping.
Rafts and wooden bridges
Business model
Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups
Learn to pivot
Innovation tax credits
Cost of prototype should not exceed the first year revenue
2 month sprint of passion
Business model generation, lean startup (eric ries), linchpin (Seth godin)

Like a boss: crushing it with the new web standards
– Paul Laberge
WOFF – standardized web fonts

Deep Dive in the Flash platform roadmap
– Thibault Imbert
Stage3D API
Flare3D – stage3d and away3d
Foxhole layer on starling
Orielly book by t.i.
APEXvj – action script workers
Variable propagation
Multithreaded concurrency without impacting performance of the UI

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