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FITC: Day 2 – Random Notes

Advanced Blitting – Jesse Freeman –
Flixel – antpile
Loops are evil… For optimizing…


Inspiration – Grant Skinner –
Grant skinner. Circle testing
Smile-izer, coke.
Good artists borrow, great artists steal
easelJS for canvas / html5
easelJS, convert stuff from flash to canvas on html5

The Lazy Programmer – Phillip Kerman –
Testing ‘cheats’
gskinner’s animation framework

Announcing Union 1.0! – Colin Moock –
Union 1.0, now shipping
OrbiterMicro – HTML5 and Javascript
Public test server – –

Exploring the Kinect – Dennis Ippel –,
Open Kinect communities.
Flash requires a socketserver in the background to connect to the kinect
OpenCV for face recognition… For C++
PrimeSense NITE
Jiggelet flash, Away3D
USB drivers + Socket Server prior to flash stuff
OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Unity, Ogre, OpenCV for flash!, python, fMod audio, PhysX (nvidia), Open NI

Doodlewars –

Practice Makes Perfect – Robert Hodgin –,
Particle engines
Cinder! /

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