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jQueryTO 2013: Day 2


the state of query ui Learn.jqueryui Touch support Multi pointer support JQuery ui date picker Spinner client and server Require.js Common.js angular.jus as a MVC framework Angular is what the web browser would’ve been Yeoman Sublime text2 for tutorials the Dev process angular directives iTerm Angular directives to load jquery plugins […]

jQueryTO 2013: Day 1


state of jquery Apigee? 1.9 vs 2.0 Do not hotlink jquery latest.js Jquery migrate X-ua-compatible Parsejson(“”) or null Jquerymobile Custom build jquery – bookmarklet hardware access and device apis w js and html5 – github/wesbos “Independent” Sublime text HackerYou Ruby motion Speedometer Navigator.geolocation.getcurrentposition() File input and file reader Input type=”file” Accelerometer Device orientation, […]